Goal Setting – Any Time is a Good Time

Goal Setting – Any Time is a Good Time

Boy you sure hear a lot about goal setting at the start and end of the calendar year; “Have you set your goals for 2017?” The truth is it is always a good time to set goals and always a bad time not to have any. Goals can start at any time and end at any time; they must be time bounded. Goals can be for any facet of your life; business, personal, fitness, spiritual; whatever is important to you. Just make sure you have goals and your chances of success will go up exponentially.

Make sure they are SMART; (Specific, Measurable, Aligned with your values, Realistic, and Time Bounded). WRITE THEM DOWN! This is critical; if they aren’t written down they are just ideas or dreams. They have no solid foundation.

I suggest you focus on 2-3 goals at a time. Pick the ones that you feel will make the biggest difference in your life and work on them. Write them down every day at the start of your day. This will help you keep laser focus on them and will help to ensure that you do something towards achieving them every day.

Don’t wait till the New Year. Don’t wait till next week. Take action now! Get out a piece of paper. Set some goals and write them down. Make a plan to achieve them. Execute on that plan every day. You will be thrilled at the difference that it will make in your life.

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