Our success stories speak for themselves.

Karl came highly recommended, and I have been working with him now for the better part of a year. People have asked what he does for me, and I try to explain that he provides guidance on almost every aspect of running a business: strategic planning, financial planning, marketing, staff relations, client relations, and more. He forces me to take the time to work on my business, and not just work in my business. Karl is personable, organized, and has the experience to help others build their business.

Stuart Rudner

Rudner Law

Rojan Malekzadeh

RM Law, PC

I worked with Karl throughout 2018, as he coached me on how to grow and organize my law practice. Karl helped me establish a strong foundation so that I could continue to build my practice in a manageable and deliberate way. He drew my attention to aspects of running a business that were extremely beneficial, and brought clarity and focus to my goals. We worked together on a concrete action plan, with dates and deadlines – and he helped keep me accountable. It was a plus that Karl was genuine and compassionate, and a pleasure to work with. I had a wonderful experience working with Karl, and strongly recommend him as a business coach!

Karl Kremer is a extremely professional and a natural born coach. He’s detail oriented and knows his stuff. I would not hesitate to recommend Karl’s services to anyone that (as he puts it) needs to stop working ‘in’ their business and start working ‘on’ their business.

Brigitte Sachse

Bee Video

Darryl Singer

Singer Barristers Professional Corporation

Karl is excellent at helping me keep focused on my goals. We all know what we need to know, but unfortunately in the day to day hustle and bustle we never manage to do it. That’s why we need a coach. Karl’s weekly one on one sessions are a combination of therapist and business consultant that force me to do the things I need/want to do but never get to. In addition, he has shown me new ways of seeing and doing things. I cannot think of any business owner or professional who would not benefit from Karl’s involvement.

Karl has been my Business Coach and Personal Adviser for a little over two years and he continues to be an invaluable resource to me. He has helped me to see things through a different set of lenses. Not only have we seen year over year increases in revenue and profit, we are continually looking for, finding and implementing ways to run the business in a more efficient and orderly manner. This year I was actually able to step away and leave the business completely for two weeks as I took a trek up Mount Kilimanjaro. I would highly recommend Karl Kremer as a Business Coach, Adviser and Accountability Partner to anyone that is serious about getting the most out of their business.

Steve Sims

Sims & Company Chartered Accountants

Michael Gibben

I.M. Success Tutoring

Coach Karl was my peak professional business coach for approximately 1 year.

Over that year, he facilitated a crucial re-understanding of business development, goal setting, as well as providing spot-on insight into which areas of my business to focus on to yield the greatest results for my clients.

We have thrived through Coach Karl's coaching. He is a key catalyst to creating a successful business.

Coach Karl also goes beyond strictly the business sphere with his clients. He is a mentor who shows genuine care for his clients. This authentic approach is great fuel to further ambitions for success.

I highly recommend Coach Karl to any business owner that is looking to make serious change and break through to the next level.

Karl has been an integral part of our team for over a year now. Having him attend our office every week forced us to be accountable to ourselves and to him in areas that we knew were always important, but had been on the back burner because we were bogged down with the day to day work. He has been instrumental in the continued growth of Marani Law, and has helped us to remember to keep our “non-urgent important” work as a regular focus because without keeping that at the top of our agenda, we would never be able to realize our vision and goals. Working with Karl and using the tools he has provided has allowed our firm to begin to prepare for for a bright future. In doing so, we also realize the importance of continuing to refine ourselves and our business on an ongoing basis.

Prior to investing in business coaching with Karl, I had no idea of the value that Karl would add to our business. I would not hesitate to recommend Karl as a business coach to anyone who is considering this type of investment in themselves and their business!

Zahra Marani

Barrister and Solicitor
Co-Founder at Marani Law

Michael Woolsey

Regional Vice President
Primerica Financial Services

Karl has opened my eyes to my blind spots. I was constantly trying to grow my business using the same methods I always had. Karl asked me the tough questions to make me realize I needed to re-evaluate my target market and where to spend my time more efficiently. My income has doubled in the last twelve months because of the renewed focus Karl has given me.

I have been working with Coach Karl Kremer for the past two months and I am thrilled with the progress we have made together. He has helped me keep my focus on the most important business tasks and asks all the right questions during our weekly coaching sessions.

Whenever I need advice or last minute guidance, Coach Karl is there. During the past two months I have made great strides in my business. My coaching sessions have accelerated our results. Proven results confirm that I am on the right track and have given me the confidence to get through some complex issues and decisions for my business; the most recent challenge being an entire rebrand which properly positions our company within the industry.

Coach Karl is extremely reliable and a great listener with proven systems that will take your company to the next level. He holds me accountable to the commitments I have made and the goals I want to achieve. He is dedicated to his clients’ success and it shows through his attention to the details and how he guides the conversation.

The biggest change that I have made is working ON my business instead of in my business, It is easy to get distracted from the important that get you closer to your goal. My weekly sessions with Coach Karl help me stay positive and focused on the future.

I must admit that it is a great relief to finish my homework on time and report back on my results. There is great satisfaction on reaching your goals on a weekly basis and it is all part of the program! It has been a rewarding process so far and I look forward to many successes to com.

I would highly recommend Coach Karl to and clients or colleagues.

Jennifer North

Owner and Founder
Umbrella Bookkeeping Solutions Inc.

Zaynah Marani

Owner and Founding Partner
Marani Law

Coach Karl has been our business coach for just under a year, and since we have started with him, our law firm has changed dramatically. In addition to the fact that our billings have increased by a significant amount, the way in which we run our firm has become more efficient, strategic and organized. We have a detailed plan on how to move forward, and we are realizing and accomplishing new goals every day. On top of all that, being a business owner has gone from stressful and chaotic to organized and fun.

Coach Karl has been my business coach for the past several months. He has helped me to understand and improve many of the details of my business and I have already experienced a noticeable increase in profits and efficiency. We are hitting our short term targets and are well on our way towards hitting our goals. He is always very pleasant to work with and easy to approach with any business-related concern. I would highly recommend him to any legal practice or business owner looking to develop and grow their business.

Aisling Bondy

Owner and Founder
Bondy Immigration Law

Roberto Arpa

Vice President and Founding Partner
greenFX Landscaping Inc

I have been working with Coach Karl for the past 9 weeks and would recommend his services to business owners that feel like they are a slave to their business. I own and operate a landscape company that has been in operation since 2007. Since then we have seen years of rapid growth.

However, after a few years my business partner and I have been experiencing some growing pains. We are different people with different objectives.

Coach Karl has helped us realize what each partner strengths, goals, and passions. He has helped us collectively and accurately choose our target market and write our mission statement.

Coach Karl is understanding, inquisitive, and helps my business partner and I create clear objectives and values. My partner and I look forward to working with Coach Karl to create a plan and put it in motion. We are glad that Coach Karl will be here when our companies next growth period results in millions in sales and the addition of many new employees.

If you own a good company that has experienced some form of success and you want to make it great, then hire Coach Karl. I am not disappointed, so you won’t be either.

As a budding entrepreneur, Karl has given me the tools to pursue my business goals with enthusiasm and optimism. In just two months, I have grown from an entrepreneur who is shy and plagued with self-doubt to an empowered entrepreneur who understands her strengths and weaknesses and is not limited by her fears.

Unlike many other coaches, Coach Karl’s numerous business experiences help him to really understand both the personal and professional dilemmas that a business owner faces. Coach Karl has been invaluable in helping me make the best decisions for my business. With his help, I’ve quickly increased the number of interested clients by 70%. I no longer waste my time on dead leads or hard sells. Karl is professional, experienced, a great listener and totally committed to the pursuit of excellence.

CollectivLabs Inc

Pamela Ogang

Dr. Carly Butterworth

Back Fix Chiropractic

I would highly recommend Karl Kremer as a business advisor and coach. Over the past several months he has helped me to understand my strengths and how to apply them towards achieving my business goals. His encouragement and support have helped me to become more confident as a business owner. Coach Karl would be a tremendous asset to any business owner looking to better understand their potential and the potential of their business.

Over the course of the last year I have worked closely with Karl on many levels. As a Business Coach, he combines his vast experience in global program management and corporate solutions architecture with something even greater: his unique qualities as a teacher and a mentor. He embodies the belief that a true “coach” isn’t a “consultant” (someone who supplies the answers) but rather someone who can identify the “Coachee’s” potential and is able to guide and drive them to find their own success and achievement. Karl therefore becomes his clients’ trusted advisor and accountability partner. I have seen Karl do this in his coaching engagements, with passion and humour and quick results.

June 9, 2014

Charles McFarland

FocalPoint Business Performance Coaching

Enzo Casullo

Maximum Food Sales

“Dear Karl,

Thanks again for your effort and support in your facilitation of the Brian Tracy Sales Success I Bootcamp for Maximum Food Sales. We were looking for a way to give the team a solid refresher that would kick off the year in a very positive manner and you delivered. I am pleased to provide you with this testimonial for your benefit as you work with other clients.

Karl is a great facilitator and communicator. The Brian Tracy material covered all seven key success areas of the sales process in a thorough and insightful manner. It was a great refresher for a seasoned group and would also serve as a strong introduction for a less experienced team. Brian Tracy’s delivery was engaging and the ensuing exercises were thought provoking. Karl’s knowledge and facilitation skills kept the team fully engaged and kept the day on track.

If you are looking for Sales Training or Business Coaching in the GTA, I would strongly recommend Karl Kremer of FocalPoint Canada Business Coaching.”

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