Turning Points in Coaching Episode #1 – The Michael Gibbon Story

Turning Points in Coaching Episode #1 – The Michael Gibbon Story

Michael Gibbon is the proud owner of I.M. Success Tutoring. He is also an accredited teacher and is deeply passionate about helping kids not only with their academics, but also with their confidence and self-esteem.

It was evident from a number of early discussions that we had that his business was not growing at a sustainable rate.

Michael and I established some goals right away. One thing that came through clearly was that he wanted his own facility; to move out of his home office.

We worked extensively on marketing and sales. Things were moving well, the business was growing, but he still wasn’t getting the traction that we felt that he needed. Something was holding him back. He really needed to get out of his comfort zone.

Michael’s turning point came when we decided to take a deep dive on the first principle of leadership; purpose. Discovering his “Why” was deeply personal for Michael and it gave him the courage and momentum to do what was really necessary to take his business to the next level.

Earlier this year Michael was able to open his own office in a great neighborhood in the west end of Toronto. He has a staff of 14 accredited tutors and his success has allowed him to help over 200 students and their parents to date.

What Michael really needed was to be inspired to move out of his comfort zone, and discovering his purpose gave him the courage to do just that.

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