Turning Points in Coaching Episode #3 – The Mike Woolsey Story

Turning Points In Coaching Episode #3 – The Mike Woolsey Story

One of my favorite turning points was recently achieved with a long term client, Mike Woolsey. Mike Woolsey is a very successful Regional Vice President with Primerica. He has built a team of 40 agents many of whom are on their own road to success. He is one of the most committed and dedicated clients that I have ever worked with.

When I first met Mike he had one very specific goal to achieve in the next 2 years. Together we achieved his goal in less than 9 months. To say that Mike was thrilled would be an understatement, but he knew that his actual vision was much higher. He wanted to get to the Senior VP level and be a true leader in the industry.

Mike’s turning point came when he realized that in order to reach SVP level he needed to be laser focused on growing his team. Very specific goals were set and things started to move much more rapidly in the right direction.

Mike had always worked very hard to support his existing team in the technical details of their work; too hard perhaps. He is now putting a lot more emphasis on inspirational training and team building and the wheels are churning.

There is still much to be done, but his turning point has propelled him towards his ultimate vision and we are confident that it will be achieved.

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