Turning Points in Coaching Episode #2 – The Marani Law Story

Turning Points in Coaching Episode #2 – The Marani Law Story

Zaynah and Zahra Marani are the Founding Partners of Marani Law. They are known for providing the highest level of Customer Service and for the respect and dignity with which they treat their staff.

When I first met Zahra and Zaynah their firm was already successful. It consisted of two lawyers, and three staff crowded into a 600 square foot downtown office in downtown Toronto. From the time of our first meeting it was obvious that they were very ambitious and ready to grow.

We worked on clarity, marketing and sales, and running the business more effectively. Things were moving forward. Billings were increasing and the firm was being run more efficiently. Zaynah even stated that being a business owner had gone from being stressful and chaotic to being organized and fun, but we knew there was another level we could take it to.

Marani Law’s turning point came when we decided to do some serious work on visualisation. Zahra and Zaynah painted a complete picture of what Marani Law would look like “When It’s Done” and shared it with their staff. As renowned business author Jim Collins would say, “They got everyone on the bus and got the right people in the right seats on the bus”.

They are now one step closer to achieving their vision. They are a team of twelve. And have moved into a beautiful new 3000 square foot office right in the core of downtown Toronto.

They have achieved significant success, but there is still a way to go. With a clear vision in front of them, we are confident that they will get there.

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