Your Ideal Law Firm – Article #4 – Fuel Your Business – Your Marketing Plan

Your Ideal Law Firm – Article #4 – Fuel Your Business – Your Marketing Plan

When many lawyers open their own firms they believe that they will hang up their shingle and the Clients will come. In fact, the opposite of this is usually true. One of the most important aspects of your new business will be how well you market and sell it. Here are a few tips to help you get a better handle on your marketing so that it can produce a steady and predictable stream of Clients:

1. Define you ideal Client in detail

a. What are their Demographics?
b. What are ideal Psychographics?
c. What does your industry say they should be?
d. Ideal Client Demographics

i. Gender?
ii. Age?
iii. Education?
iv. Income?
v. What sort of work do they do and at what level?
vi. What is their background or experience?

e. Ideal Client Psychographics

i. Interests
ii. Beliefs
iii. Values
iv. Wants
v. Needs
vi. Desires
vii. Fears

2. Messaging comes first! Make sure that your messaging resonates with your ideal Client. Your messaging should not describe what you do or how you do it. It should describe what the benefits are that your prospects will receive from working with you. It must be all about your prospects, not all about you. It doesn’t matter what medium you market on, without the right message you will not get the results you want and need.

3. Think of your marketing strategy like a Parthenon; it should have many pillars holding it up

a. Referral marketing
b. Social Media (Your website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
c. Networking
d. Speaking engagements

4. Strive for two primary pillars that will do the heavy lifting. Each individual firm will need to do figure this out for themselves.

5. Continually work on several secondary pillars, adding and replacing as necessary. Marketing is a constant battle of trial and error. When something is not working, stop doing it and try something else.

6. Plan your marketing one year at a time:

a. Create an annual marketing calendar with times of heavy marketing and times of lighter marketing.
b. Too much marketing could have the undesired effect of producing more work than you can handle.
c. Create placeholders for events such as speaking engagements even if you are not clear on the details of the event.
d. Review, refine and adjust your plan on a monthly basis as needed.


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